February is National Senior Independence Month!

Independence can mean something different for everyone. Whether it is the ability to go for a walk in the yard, drive, or simply using the restroom without assistance. Here are a few tips for you to maintain a safe environment and how the therapists and nurses at Integrity Rehab and Home Health can help!

Safety at home- make sure broken lightbulbs are replaced, railings are tight, and remove throw rugs that can cause tripping hazards.

Clean and organize! Keep hallways clear of clutter and objects that need to be maneuvered around that can pose a fall hazard.

Keep a healthy mind and body. As we age, we can experience physical ailments that hamper our independence. Find yourself frequenting the bathroom often? Having trip/ fall issues due to urgency to get to the restroom to avoid an accident?

Pelvic Floor therapy can help with bladder and bowel control and perhaps decrease the need for frequent trips to the bathroom, potential fall risks, and future need for home health care.

Physical therapy for general strength and balance can help you maneuver through your house and decrease your fall risk. PTs can instruct on use of assistive walking devices to help maintain independence.

Occupational Therapists can educate on how to adapt to daily activities by using assistive devices for buttons or shoes.

Home Health Care enables patients to receive attentive nursing and therapy care from the comfort and freedom of their homes rather than a nursing home or hospital. Common services provided in the home include wound care, infusion nursing, and medication and diet management.

Your therapists at Integrity Rehab + Home Health are your lifelong healthcare partners! If in the future you find yourself in need of health care at home, feel free to call Integrity Home Health at (254) 628-7900 for more information or you can also request to be contacted here.

If you have health issues you’d like a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Integrity Rehab to address, most insurances don’t require a physician’s referral for physical therapy treatment. Give us a call or click here to schedule a new evaluation! 

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