Missing work due to a back injury? Man installing floor tiles.

Did you know that if back pain makes a person miss four to twelve weeks of work, that person will have a 40% chance of missing work for the next year? When it comes to back pain, we are not fans of the wait-and-see approach. We encourage professional assessment and early, active intervention.

We take all back pain seriously, but if you ever experience back pain that comes from work, there’s even more reason to assertively address it. Research suggests that occupational low back pain is a different and more serious entity than other low back pain. The onset is often more sudden and subsequent disability happens more frequently. Joblessness is no vacation.  It is associated with depression and a host of family problems. Always keep physical therapy in mind for beating back pain long-term.

Integrity Rehab coordinates with many worker’s compensation programs to provide personalized care for acute and chronic conditions resulting from any work-related illness or injury. Our dedicated clinicians work with all involved parties to ensure appropriate case management, cost containment, and successful return to work. Our team of advanced clinicians can get you back to work quicker than expected. Ask your employer and doctor for Integrity Rehab!

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