Are you bored with your usual running routine? Struggling to get out the door as often as you need? If you feel like your running plan is losing steam, try injecting some new life into the routine. It will be surprising how a few fun and simple techniques can reboot your body and mind.

While most runs are enjoyable, it is common to get stuck in a rut. Sure, routine keeps us consistent, but mixing things with fun runs can help us from falling feet first into a fitness rut. If you are struggling to find your running mojo, check out a few ideas to add the spark back into running.

Every runner goes through highs and lows over time. The highs can lead to improved performance, while the lows can encourage you to make changes needed for continued improvements. Remember the fun of running is not over at the finish line. Give us a call to try running on HydroWorx or AlterG.

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